We make IT happen!
G.I.S.D. Technology Department
2016-17 school year GISD will be moving 1:1 at the Junior High and High School.  All students will checkout a Chromebook to use in class and at home.  Teachers and students will be receiving training to help with the implementation of the technology.  
Last year, we implemented a pilot program where students were able to bring their own device or check out a Chromebook out from the district.  Through this process it was decided that it would be better for all students to have the same type of device.  
Also, in the elementary each  teacher  1st -5th will have five Chromebooks in their classroom plus each grade level will share a cart of 25 Chromebooks.  PK-Kinder classrooms will have iPads and Chromebooks to use in centers.
Jenny Nelson
Technology Director
Laurie Staff
Technology Assistant