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    Brooke Conner

    Ganado Elementary Counselor


    Welcome to the Ganado Elementary Counselor’s Corner! My name is Brooke Conner and this year I will be working with students, teachers, parents, and administrators to create a caring school environment that promotes the academic, social, and personal success of all students. As a counselor, I will be visible on campus, available and approachable to students and parents.​ If you have any concerns about your child’s success, feel free to contact me.


    361-771-4200 ext. 4213






    School Counselors Provide:


    Classroom Guidance Lessons – I will visit PreK-5th classrooms and cover topics such as Responsibility, Respect, Gratitude, Friendship, Bullying, Self-Esteem, and Forgiveness.


    Individual Counseling – Students may need to meet with me individually when they are experiencing problems at school or home, with academics, with friends, or with any other problems they may be experiencing. Students may request to meet with me on their own or students may be referred to me by teachers or parents.


    Consultation – I will also collaborate with parents, teachers, and administrators to help promote students’ success.

    Throughout the day, students will also see me during lunch, in the hallway, and observing or interacting in their classrooms.


    I look forward to a great year!!!!



    kindness hand


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