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Soil and Water Conservation Winners

The winners from the Soil And Water Conservation contest are:

3rd Grade Anjelica Briones 2nd place
3rd Grade Brandon Moreno 1st place
4th Grade Ivy Sanchez Honorable Mention
4th Grade Gwen Reid 3rd place

4th Grade MaKennzie Tovar 2nd place
4th Grade Reagan Prickett 1st place
5th Grade  Peyton Prickett 2nd place

soil and water conservation winners

Left to right:  Anjelica Briones (3rd grade), Reagan Prickett (4th grade), Makenzie Tovar (4th grade), Brandon Moreno (3rd grade), Gwen Reid (4th grade), and Ivy Sanchez (4th grade).  Peyton Prickett, not pictured.