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GISD Students

Ganado NHS would like to thank YK Communications for their generous donation of reusable shopping bags.  These bags are being used for our Santa Gram fundraiser.  The Santa Grams have been sorted into YK Communications bags and will be delivered to students soon.  
Thank you YK Communications for your support for Ganado ISD! 
Art students competed at the San Antonio Rodeo Art Contest this weekend.  The competition was tough with over 500 pieces, but Ganado artists had a solid showing.  
Juan Almeda - 2nd Place (Class: 2D Mixed Media Drawing)
Color pencil on basswood with a coffee background
Mattalie Lindsey - 2nd Place (Class: 2D Other Medium) Private buyer
Carved paint
Alexis Lugo - 2nd Place (Class: 3D Other Medium)
Egg shells

Juan AlmedaMattalie LindseyAlexis Lugo

Alina Ayala - 3rd Place (Class: 2D Mixed Media Painting)

Crystal Brito-Lopez - 3rd Place (Class: 2D Mixed Media Painting)
Xochitl Robles - 3rd Place (Class: 2D Mixed Media Painting)

Faith Palacios - 3rd Place (Class: 3D Clay)

Chloe Gresham - 3rd Place (Class: 3D Clay)
Ruby Olandez - 3rd Place (Class: 3D Clay)
Brenda Govea - 3rd Place (Class: 3D Clay)
Wendy Mendoza - 3rd Place (Class: 3D Clay)
Liliana Serna - 3rd Place (Class: 2D Oil/Acrylic)
Emily Morgan - 3rd Place (Class: 2D Pastel/Chalk Drawing)
Michaela Estrada - 3rd Place (Class: 2D Mixed Media Drawing)