Pep Rally Reminder


Parents and community members who plan on attending

pep rallies in the 2019 fall semester need to be aware of

the following measures to enhance security at GISD campus pep rallies.

1. All visitors will follow normal check in procedures. 
2. Elementary visitors sign in at elementary campus.Secondary visitors sign in at 

the secondary campus.
3. To facilitate check in, parents can pick up a visitor badge through the office 
after 8:30 am. on Thursday. Badges will be marked for the pep rally. Badges may also be picked up Friday morning. 
4. Visitor tags are required to enter the gym.
5. Visitor tags will only be issued at the offices.
6. All visitors will enter the new gym through the double glass doors.
7. Visitors are subject to screening with metal detectors. Please leave bags in 
your vehicles.
8. A visitor section will be blocked off in the bleachers. Please plan to sit in the 
designated area.

While these changes may cause delays to entering the facility,

our intention is to ensure the safety of the students and adults in attendance.